Sage 50 Manufacturing

The ideal solution for small and growing manufacturers.  Request a free no obligation Sage Demonstration from a Sage Manufacturing Expert.

Sage 50 Manufacturing is available in 4 Variants
Sage 50 Bills of Materials

Designed for the small and growing manufacturing business, Sage 50 Bills of Materials enables you to create detailed BOM's for products to manufactured, including and unlimited number of levels of build and with any number of sub assemblies.

You can easily identify shortages of materials and automatically place purchase orders in Sage 50 Accounts Professional, selecting from a list of alternative suppliers. You can also include machine and labour operations as well sub-contract operations.

You can add a component to multiple BOM's in a single action and easily roll up the BOM Costing.

Sage 50 Batch Controller
Sage Batch Controller is designed for businesses involved with repetitive batch manufacturing.  Sage Batch Controller automatically takes outstanding Sales Orders from your Sage 50 Accounts Professional software and calculates the production requirements necessary to fulfil these.

You can enter a Sales Forecast which can be combined with orders from your Sage 50 accounts program to calculate the production requirements necessary to fulfill these.

It also allows you to enter 'make for stock' items. It then allocates and issues stock against works orders, automatically updating your Sage 50 Accounts. Goods received are recorded for instant traceability, whilst certificates of conformity are produced, confirming ISO quality standards.

Production can be scheduled back from the due date of the Sales Order using the powerful MRP module. This calculates the items to be manufactured and the components that require purchasing.

Sage 50 Manufacturing Controller including the Preactor Graphical Planner

Sage Manufacturing Controller includes all the functionality of Sage Bills of Materials, Sage Batch Controller and Sage Job Controller.  It will smoothly control production planning, works order processing, traceability with the additional functionality of the ability to add actual operation times to a Works Order.

Sage Manufacturing Controller also includes the powerful Preactor Graphical Planner for visual shop floor scheduling.  This ensures your manufacturing system has the option to be a Finite Planning system in addition to an Infinite one.

Sage Shop Floor Data Collection

Available as an option module for Sage Manufacturing Controller, Shop Floor Data Collection allows live real time booking to jobs on the shop floor as the Works orders move through the operations.  This can be linked to Barcodes on the Works Order Documentation to prevent data entry errors.

With an additional option for Sage Operation Times.

Preventa and Sage 50 Manufacturing

At Preventa, we are Manufacturing Experts.  We have worked in production, planned using MRP Systems and know how important the removal of waste from your manufacturing processes is. We have helped many organisation achieve this by successfully implementing Sage 50 Manufacturing.  Industries include;

*Oil and Chemical
*Engineering Sub Contractors
*Furniture Manufacturer
*Health and Pharmaceuticals

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Are you new to Sage Manufacturing?

Sage Manufacturing Brochure   

Sage 50 Manufacturing is particularly suitable for manufacturing and assembly businesses who are looking to automate their shop floor processes.   And if you are already using Sage 50 to manage your accounts, you can integrate your back office and shop floor
processes by using Sage 50 Manufacturing with  Sage 50 Accounts Professional.

Sage 50 Manufacturing helps you:

*Reduce wastage of time, money and manpower

*Reduce stock and improve the Purchase Order Planning using the MRP Module.
*Improve delivery performance.  See at risk sales orders at take action.
*Optimise your shop floor.  Plan through bottle necks and enforced down time.
*Monitor resource performance and gain actual works order costs.