Laser Replacement Cartridges

Quality, performance and sustainability
No risk... no worries - total performance warranty

Put quality into your printer and get the advantage of savings with Performance Warranty:

OEM Quality
We won't offer a cartridge if it won't pass testing from first print to lost, In a variety of stressful environmental conditions.

Lifetime Performance
If there is still toner in your cartridge, the last page will look as good as the first. If not we will replace the cartridge to ensure that you are satisfied. It's that easy. No worries.

Risk-free Printing
When you choose a cartridge for your printer, there is no risk to your printer OEM warranty. If our cartridge is responsible for any printer damage, We will pay your repair costs. It's that simple. No risk.

Triple tested for quality assurance to ensure your satisfaction, we constantly monitor the manufacturing quality.

First, the cartridge is print tested 100% of cartridges before packaging.
Second, monthly life testing at the manufacturing site.
Third, technical engineers test samples from the warehouse inventory.


No-one should waste resources - our Earth is too precious to us, and the generations that follow, reduce, re-use, and recycle, are crucial to future generations today.

Good for performance and conservation.

Our replacement cartridges keep plastic out of the waste stream. While they contain new and reprocessed components, all critical xerographic parts are 100% new.

Our cartridges feature specified and approved toner, as well as new photoreceptors, cleaning blades, certified developer roll sleeves and more.

Our replacement cartridges not only save you money, but help to keep waste from landfills. It's the best option for your business and for the environment, and when you recycle used cartridges locally, it lowers your carbon footprint, great news by any calculation.

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Saving money - it's a great feeling! Replacement Cartridges for HP, Brother, Samsung, Canon, Epson, Xerox and Kyocera printers.